Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2nd Trimester Recap: Symptoms, Cravings + Anatomy Scan

Hello 27 weeks! By the time you read this, I will be entering the third trimester. How is that even possible?! This pregnancy feels as if it is going so quickly, probably because I have been kept so busy these past few months. There is a reason everyone calls the second trimester the "honeymoon" phase of is the BEST. Overall I have felt pretty great this pregnancy and things have been much easier on my body than the first pregnancy with my daughter. I did experience some symptoms worth sharing, though, in case you are experiencing the same or wondering if your symptoms are "normal".


Sleep - I have always been a side sleeper, but often found myself wanting to sleep on my back due to hip pain. You can't comfortably do that with a baby growing in you, so I finally invested in a pregnancy pillow to make my sleep more comfortable. I went my entire first pregnancy without a great pillow and now that I have one, I don't know how I survived! It provides support so you can stay aligned, and that has helped me manage physical pain. I am having some difficulty relaxing at night due to baby being active at that time, so I have moved my night routine up a few hours.

Pain - I have minor scoliosis where my spine twists in two locations. It is not as major as many people deal with, but does cause alignment and structural issues. As a result I do get back pain with the added weight that comes with pregnancy. I also tend to get pelvic pain and so I have been seeing a physical therapist that specializes in the pelvic floor. Seeing a professional has been wonderful, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are postpartum and experiencing a weak pelvic floor (aka peeing when you sneeze), know that can be addressed and contact your doctor for a referral!

Weight gain - I don't weigh myself very often because I am a big proponent of gentle nutrition and intuitive eating. I eat when I am hungry, stop when I am not, and try to make healthy choices along the way. So far I am right on track. It can be difficult not comparing yourself to other women, but know that everyone carries babies differently. We are all built differently! The number of children you have had also affects how you grow throughout pregnancy. Love the bump you have.

Movement - I started having quickening this trimester, which always feels like butterfly wings against my belly. I love this phase because it lets me know baby is growing and moving around. Over this trimester they have become stronger and more frequent. You can now even see movement by watching closely! It appears that our baby is as strong as their sister, who was super active in the womb and never stopped moving when she was born. I am going to have my hands full.

Queasy or sick? Only when I have gone too long without snacking on some protein. Otherwise I left any nausea in the first trimester. If only I could shake off the fatigue!

Braxton Hicks contractions - have officially started as of 27 weeks, especially when I am very active. If you find yourself experiencing them rest and stay hydrated! I have been viewing them as practice for the real thing and tend to rest, break out my pregnancy meditations, and do deep breathing. I personally find them uncomfortable, but not painful per say.

Cravings - As I mentioned in my 1st trimester recap I don't experience cravings like many women do during pregnancy. Rather, certain things taste better to me than usual and others taste worse. I still enjoy fruit the most and find myself wanting avocado toast with a fried egg on top for lunch more often than not. I wouldn't say that I need those items immediately like it is depicted in the media. I have been continuing to eat a lot of protein and as much produce as possible. Overall I am finding I am more active and eating much better this pregnancy, probably because I am chasing after and feeding a toddler. It takes too much energy to make unhealthy meals for myself and healthy ones for her!


We personally choose to forgo any genetic testing due to being low risk, and the potential for false negatives/positives. (That is a very important decision you need to make for you and your family, so do what is right for you! My doctors have never been concerned when I decline.) Therefore, the anatomy scan is a Big Deal for us. It is when we get to see the baby, check on their development, and find out more about them. I am happy to report that our baby is completely healthy with no abnormalities, thank God! I am always so in awe at the ultrasound being able to see their limbs, movements, and organs. It makes me truly amazed at what my body can do and how incredible modern day technology is. With all that being said, we did find out gender and we are having a BOY!  I've had so many people inquire if I am excited to have a boy, so...

Cheesy story time: when my husband and I were dating and would discuss children, I would always dream of a little girl. I could see her, but no other children, and she always looked the same. However the day after I gave birth to my daughter I dreamed of a little boy playing with her. As a result I always tell people my children chose me a long time ago, but my husband likes to smile and roll his eyes at me. I was a blubbery, happy, tearful mess at the ultrasound when I found out I was going to be meeting him soon!


This may shock a lot of people, but I am looking forward to labor! I have been doing a lot of preparation mentally and physically, and I am so positive and excited about it. That is probably why I have been nesting so much lately, because I know my son will be here soon and I want to have everything in place when he does make an appearance.

If you are also pregnant at this time, I hope everything is going smoothly for you and will continue to pray for you and your growing families. 

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