Saturday, September 1, 2018

"You should start a blog"

I feel like each of us has either heard or thought that very sentence over the years. I myself have started and stopped a blog several times. However, I often doubted myself. "Does anyone really care what I have to say?" I would compare myself to others, and ultimately chicken out. Lately though, it's been on my heart to start sharing more. Something that quite frankly terrifies me. You see, I write the way I talk. I am not grammatically correct, and I definitely don't have all the answers. I just enjoy writing. I love spilling out my thoughts and ramblings on the keyboard, and I love reading other people's as well.

My husband Eric and I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio from North Carolina about five years ago. While it was a difficult transition for me, over the years life became easier. I made friends, finished graduate school, and somehow started knowing my way around town without using GPS. Then the day after Valentine's day 2017 two little lines appeared on a test - I was pregnant! This was the most exciting time of my life, but also the most terrifying. My mom is an eleven hour drive from my current home. I found myself turning to friends for advice, but I also turned to the internet. I started reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, and following people on Instagram. It helped me feel less alone and as if I could do this whole motherhood thing.

The only problem was, people tend to only post the highlights. I would sometimes fall into the trap of comparison, which is a hole no one wants to fall into. I had several people tell me that they could tell I was loving motherhood and having a great time due to my own social media posts. That is true for me. Motherhood is without a doubt my vocation. I love every second of it. Yet I began to think about that. Am I portraying the realistic side of motherhood? The days where I am in my pajamas, rocking a cranky teething baby? The time I fell asleep face down on the floor for five minutes while my daughter crawled all over me, just to get some rest? I think the internet could use a space like that. A space where someone shares what they learn along the way, as well as the laugh out loud moments. The mom wins and fails.

I am also a young mother. A young Catholic mother, to be specific. My faith shapes every aspect of my life, and I want to share that with others. When I don't make time for God, I feel it in my heart, in my relationships, and in my day to day. I'm committed to learn more about Him and grow in relationship with Him - not just as a concept, which I am often tempted to do. I hope in sharing things that inspire me, help me grow, and brings my heart joy that we can grow together. So grab a glass of wine or a coffee, and let's chat.

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  1. I am excited about your blog and will look forward to chatting with you along the way.